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Elections on November 8, 2022 - Vote for Naila Alam for Herndon Council

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Thank you God Almighty
 I am so very humbled, and honored for my successful re-election. As a Councilmember for the Town Of Herndon, I want to express deep gratitude to all those who voted, volunteered, prayed and contributed to my campaign. Thank you to all the friends who were part of my wonderful journey. I will work very hard to live up to your expectations and always eager to hear the voices of Herndon residents. Thank you again and may God bless you all.

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Naila Alam is an excellent person. She worked hard during the COVID-19 situation, we appreciate her efforts. I never seen any member care about our community, I am looking forward for her excellent job.

- Nikita


Naila Alam's Interview by Herndon TV

Let us join together with

Passion - Compassion - Leadership

 to Build a Better Tomorrow

2020 - 2022

As your elected Councilwoman, I helped bring critical services to Herndon during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  • DMV Connect
    Brought them to Herndon 17 times for residents. 


  • Vaccination Equity Clinic
    Providing vaccines to under-resourced residents. 


  • Sustainability
    Bringing EV stations to Herndon. 

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My Agenda 
2022 - 2024

My agenda to serve you in my next term: 

  • Accessibility
    Making Downtown ADA-Accessible & Walkable 

  • DMV
    Bringing the DMV permanently to Herndon 


  • Greening Herndon
    Revitalizing local areas with natural plants, bushes, etc. 

Vote on November 8, 2022 so I can work on making this and much more possible for the people of the great Town of Herndon. 

Early Voting Starts from October 27


Herndon Fortnightly Library
768 Center Street

Herndon, VA 20170


Oct. 27
Nov 5, 2022


WEEKDAYS 1 - 7 pm

Oct 29, 9 am - 5 pm
Nov 5, 9 am- 5 pm

Sunday Oct 30, 1- 5 PM

Thank You

to ALL my Supporters!


Message from 
Naila Alam

I feel blessed to be a proud resident of Town of Herndon for twenty years. Herndon has welcomed and embraced me. As a minority businesswoman, I have successfully integrated in this beautiful town that I call home. I have empowered hundreds of women and served those in need through my charity, Express Care Inc., and have also settled many families in Herndon through my real estate company Express Realty USA.  I am committed to serve you as your Councilwoman.

I am excited to continue to accomplish a lot for the town I call home!

Naila Alam.jpg

Thanks for submitting!

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